As a kid what’s the best thing about celebrating your birthday (besides the presents)? Blowing out all the candles on the cake, making a wish and dearly hoping it all comes true, of course. All of us at Red Tricycle recall our earliest birthdays when we closed our eyes and wished for a puppy, that super cool hot wheels car, and one of us (we’re not naming names) even wished for a new baby sister who was better at sharing. Yes, the terrible twos are terrible even for the older siblings. Ah, but we digress…

So to imbue a little nostalgia into your day about your own childhood birthday parties, we can’t wait to share this video of a cute little girl who is trying with all her might to blow out all the candles (well, actually it’s just one candle). We gotta give her credit for trying…and not passing out!

Sure, she didn’t get it on the first try, or the second, or really, even on the third, but A for effort, right? And, be sure to watch the video until the end because her cute smiling face is totally awesome. The birthday wish fairy better double the little girl’s chances for her wish coming true given how much effort she put into blowing out that one candle.

Did your little one ever have trouble blowing out the candles like this little gal?