Despite summer just ending, The Camper Clan experienced a big time case of wanderlust. So they packed up their kids and embarked across the country in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest electric bike trip across the USA. While we regretfully can’t pack up our own bags, we’re so glad this family of four will be updating their trip as they go (and making a documentary of their adventure!). Read on for the lowdown on this cool trip we can’t help but envy.


Camp with the Camper Clan
Over the next six months, The Camper Clan — a multi-cultural fam made up of Argentinian dad Tomas, American mom Dylan and their adorable kiddos Eva, and Coco — will travel from Montana to Maine, and then south to Florida (to rightly avoid the cold Northern winter). In addition to their record breaking goal, The Camper Clan hopes to promote sustainable travel and healthier lifestyles for families. 


Their bikes are second hand garage finds, repurposed by dad into electronic bikes, and mom will be driving a compact camper as their mobile home. And for the kids, this expedition is obviously the ultimate dream. They’ll take turns to the front row seat (well, right behind dad) of journey, and “managing” the fam’s schedule with pee breaks and stops for food.


The Documentary
Any family that’s been on the road knows that there are big highs and lows, even if it’s just a day trip, which is why we give props to The Camper Clan for taking on this 6-month journey with two toddlers in-tow, and extra pats on the back for documenting every moment on film. Thanks to their successful Kickstarter campaign, they will be capturing all the trials and tribulations as well as the great moments of joy. See more information on their funded project here.

Get caught up and stay up to date with their voyage! They started their trip early August and are about to cross from Montana into North Dakota. We’ll be living vicariously through them on Instagram @camperclan and their Facebook page.


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— Christal Yuen

All photos courtesy of The Camper Clan