Your kiddo has set-up tea parties with her American Girl and toted her sidekick to the playground, grocery store and beyond. Take your little one’s love of everything American Girl to the next level with the movie, Lea to the Rescueavailable now on Digital HD and on DVD and Blu-ray. Read on to find out how this new flick will make your summer much more than just dolls and bed-time stories.

Know Before You Watch
Right on time to get your little one excited for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, this family-friendly movie is a live-action flick showcasing Lea Clark, American Girl’s 2016 Girl of the Year, as she embarks on her journey through the Brazilian rainforest.

The Scoop
The kid-friendly flick follows Lea as she embarks on an adventure to the Brazilian rain forest to try to find her missing brother and save the exotic animals she loves from poachers. The outgoing Lea won’t be deterred in her mission–she’s born for adventure even if that means exploring new cultures, befriending new people and trekking through the unfamiliar country of Brazil. Throughout the entire journey Leah totes her handy camera to photograph the cultures, foods and animals she encounters along the way to finding her brother. Entertaining and fun, this movie comes complete with helicopters, photography, and even a sloth!


The Takeaway 
The all new summer movie will bring your kiddo’s sidekick from the books to life in your very home. Your child will follow Lea throughout her story, and when the movie is over your little one will surely imagine his or her own outdoor adventure, just like Lea.

Watch Lea come to life before your very eyes in the trailer below. Want more adventure for your kid this summer? Buy the DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital HD of Lea to the Rescue by clicking here.

Are you excited to watch this new movie? Does your child own an American Girl Doll or love to read the books? Tell us your thoughts below!