Do your kids love water play? H2-Oh, yeah! Whether you have a sprinkler dabbler or a bona fide pool shark, it’s time to amp up summer fun with the right water toys and gear. Floaties that glow in the dark? Yep. A hose nozzle that lets you spray like a fireman? Definitely. A floating ping pong set? Hey, why not? Click through our album to discover 17 products that let you get wet, cool off and have a blast.

Shark SwimFin

No, it's not Sharknado. This fin floating to the surface is your little guppy's newest way to have a good time in the pool. It's a floatation device that, when strapped to the back, helps the user maintain a good, buoyant position. So, your kid can gain confidence while creeping up on unsuspecting swimmers. (Go easy on Grandma, please.)

Available online at, $27.95-$29.95.

What’s your favorite water toy?

— Kelly Aiglon, with Christal Yuen & Selena Kohng