When you first become a mom, getting back to pre-pregnancy fitness levels is often the furthest thing from your mind – as it should be! A tiny newborn is demanding of time, attention and cuddles, and if you’re nursing then it’s often impossible to get a moment to yourself. But you also need to give yourself grace – a pregnancy, labor and delivery can often take its toll on the body, which needs time and rest to recover.

Around the six to eight week mark is often a good time to start getting back into the fitness groove. You should have had a postpartum checkup from your doctor, and any surgical wounds should be fully healed. Although you may still need to take it easy to begin with. Red Tricycle have got you covered with recommendations for classes you might want to take as well as hints and tips for fitting in fitness as a new mom.

No Gym Required! 

As your baby grows and settles into a routine it can be easier to get time to yourself.  Maybe you’re lucky and have managed to find a great gym which has onsite childcare, or a local mommy and me yoga class. But what about if you can’t afford a gym membership, or live too far out of the city for classes? Don’t worry, it is perfectly possible to get a good workout in at home and even build muscle without expensive gym equipment. You can follow an exercise DVD, download a HIIT app on your smartphone or even have a personal trainer visit your house. There are other benefits to exercising at home too. As your child grows they will see you making fitness a priority, and may even want to join in with your workouts, setting them up for a lifetime love of fitness.

Play Time = Fitness Time! 

When your baby transitions to toddlerhood and beyond, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate fitness games into your play time. Try a simple game of chase or create an obstacle course in the back yard.  As they get older there’s the option to practise team sports like soccer or basketball at home too, with only a few inexpensive (and small!) pieces of equipment. It’s a great way to bond with your child at any age, but older kids in particular are often off with their own friends or activities. After all, 20 mins spent shooting hoops can be a great way to fit a workout in and spend a little quality time with them, with the added bonus that they will often talk about what’s on their mind within the no-pressure environment.

Small Steps Add Up To Big Results!

Remember, whatever path to fitness you choose, the first step is often the hardest, and it’s important to take it easy to begin with. Ten minutes of sit-ups in front of the TV is better than nothing – heck even five minutes is better than nothing if that is all you can manage to begin with! Start with small, achievable goals, involve your kids, and enjoy the journey – after all, fitness should be fun!


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