Phew! Who knew we’d ever be caught up in something called a polar vortex? We made it through this time and if it should happen again (or, if you loved laying around in your PJs so much you want more indoor-only days), here are 10 great indoor activities that’ll keep you warm and busy. Click through the slideshow to take a peek.

Box Toys
The age old adage that kids often like the box their toy came in more than the toy itself, is certainly true, Save all different shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes you receive in the mail and which contain gifts this holiday season, and let your kids’ imaginations run wild with how they’d like to use them. They can decorate the boxes and make a train out of them, use them to build forts and tunnels, and pile them high to the sky to make a tower. The versatility of a cardboard box at playtime is truly endless.


How do you beat cabin fever with your kids? Let us know your creative ways to keep your kiddos occupied when you’re all stuck inside.  

Written by: Beth Shea

All images of copyright Beth Shea unless otherwise noted

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