Fancy a few Truffla trees around your pad for the little’s next party? Or maybe, just maybe, setting up a table of Seuss-sweets for a fantastic playdate? From Cat in the Hat decor to cheeky Lorax greetings, we’ve scoured the Internet for ways to make any party look like it’s popped right out of Whoville. Flip through the slideshow to view them all!

Dr. Seuss Dessert Table

Who doesn’t love a sweet spread to go with the stories that’ve made us all smile? Heather Equitz’s dessert table is the work of a true fan. Every detail is whimsically fun and downright delicious. Get a close up of the sweets, from cake pops to marshmallow hats, here.

 photo: Heather Equitz

Have you thrown or been to a Dr. Seuss themed party before? What was your favorite detail? Share them with us in the Comments below! 

— Christal Yuen