photo: CK, Carl, Carlo, Carlito via flickr 

Leave the dishes. Skip the errands—even if it’s just for 10 minutes—and get ready to goof off with the kiddos. Here are few suggestions:

1. Make a fort. Get inspired by these epic creations (but just pillows and blankets will do, too.)

2. Enjoy a stand-up routine and tell some jokes.

3. Dust off your boa and heels and get ready to play dress up.

4. Create some messy, messy art.

5. Make silly faces and try to get the other person to laugh before you do.

6. Throw a dance party in your living room. Right now! Here’s a playlist to amp you up.

7. Put a party hat on your forehead and pretend you are a unicorn.

8. Goof off and learn at the same time by playing some DIY math games.

9. Teach your kiddos about the primary colors and make a color wheel to paint  a clearer picture.

10. Turn your kitchen counter into a science lab.

11. Lounge around and watch a movie, ideally from bed or with a pile of blankets. Or better yet, from the comfort of a fort.

12. Find out what’s up your sleeve right now by learning a few magic tricks.

13. Slow things down and mimic the sloth (this one is great for tired parents).

14. Stage an elaborate tea party and invite all the stuffed animals, vehicles and dolls in your house to attend.

  1. Adopt a pet rock and learn how to name, care and feed it.

—Amber Guetebier

featured photo: amitsurti via pixabay 


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