Winter is a hard time to stay fit for anyone. New Year’s resolutions usually last until February and then motivation runs out. Not only is it cold out and gets dark early, but we are wearing layers of clothing and have no idea what our summer bod looks like. The summer is creeping up on us slowly and we need to be prepared. If this is something that stresses you out every year, then something needs to change.

When it gets cold out and dark out early, it makes it difficult for many people to find the motivation to get out and exercise. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you start the journey to maintaining your health all year round.

Get Outside & Walk

Walking is an incredibly healthy habit to pick up. Yes, it is winter and yes, it is cold out, but there are tons of other places you can go walking. Don’t forget: not every winter day is cold! Getting outside for fresh air is a great way to stay healthy too. But if the cold weather is not for you, then finding indoor tracks, going to the mall or walking up and down your stairs.

Schedule In Time for Working Out 

Making time for fitness is really hard when sunshine is limited all day long. In the winter, start scheduling in times and days that you can go to a fitness class or work out at the gym to help you to actually make it there. When you are relying on yourself to just decide to go, other things usually get in the way. Plan a time and stick to it.

Create a Realistic Health Plan

Create a health plan for yourself or your family that is realistic. Many times we start diets and try to get healthy only to realize how much money and effort it takes. Find one that works best for you and your family to get everyone on board with staying healthy. Creating meal plans for each week and planning out dinner time meals to avoid any unhealthy eating habits can help you stay on track.

Grab a Partner & Get Working

Working out with a partner is always more fun than by yourself. If you have a family member, significant other, child or friend that is willing to dedicate time like you are to maintaining your health this winter, they are the best partner for you! Make sure this partner won’t bail on you either—as that will likely cause you to stop as well.

Commit to Getting Off the Couch

In the winter, this is a hard thing to beat. Wintertime feels like the best time to binge-watch every season of your favorite shows. However, when you are sitting a good majority of the time, it takes away from the work that you have done throughout the rest of the week. Try cutting your sitting time. For example, instead of sitting at work, try standing and walking around. Or if you are binge-watching a show, turn it off and get everyone up and moving.

Even though the puffy coats and winter clothes are still in apart of daily life, bathing suit season is right around the corner. Take these steps and you will feel more comfortable when it gets closer to the summer. Maintaining your fitness all year round is great for your body.