Entryway decor sets the tone for the rest of your house. So, that pile of shoes, backpacks and un-opened mail? It says a pack of wild ruffians live here. Luckily, you can turn your entryway from cluttered mess to minimalist perfection with the right piece of furniture, pop of color, or even a hook or two. We’ve rounded up easy entryway decor ideas that are perfect for busy families. Get inspired below, and get ready to enjoy the peaceful welcome that greets you when you walk in your own front door.

Affordable Mid Century Perfection

Looking to give a small entryway a makeover? Check out this clean-lined DIY cabinet. It's an affordable IKEA hack made out of a kitchen cabinet, ready to squeeze into a small space. Hide shoes, purses, or overdue library books behind the oak double doors. Head on over to First Sense Interiors for the step-by-step instruction to create your own.



Uber Organized Entry

A double row of hooks—one at the just the right height for little arms and the other for big people—is the key to this simple, streamlined neutral entryway. We love the addition of a little chair that can hold a purse and a favorite dolly, and the stylish basket ready to gobble up and conceal shoes. Home organizing wizard Shira Gill offers up tips to give your entryway a makeover.

Hook Me Up

A peaceful blue wall beckons you inside the entrance to this Maine home. Designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects, this entryway shows how a coat of paint can give an entryway a makeover. We love the array of artful birch hooks ready to hold hats, scarves and coats, with enough spots for all the kids and their friends.

Crates for the Win

Create your own affordable entryway storage solution with budget-friendly crates, following it the footsteps of the DIY decor geniuses of A Beautiful Mess. We love that you can customize wooden wine crates with stain or paint. Here, they hold gardening tools and boots, but they can as easily be used to catch soccer cleats, library books and all sorts of kid gear. Find all the how-to, and take a closer look at the two boards, one with clips and the other with hooks, at A Beautiful Mess.

Bright on a Budget

The rainbow of colors that pops off of this gumball coat rack is an easy solution to your entryway problems. It's bright, fun, and affordable. Hang it over a simple bench or above a couple of shoe baskets, and you'll have a better-organized hallway in a snap. Buy it on Amazon.

Baskets Make Perfect

A slim console table above makes a drop zone for sunglasses and keys. Down below, a big basket waits to catch all sorts of goodies. Interior designer Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley uses the sturdy woven basket to hold her dog's leash, but you can also use the same technique for kids' shoes or other loose gear that makes your entryway chaotic.


Sunny Side Up

We love the way this yellow bench adds a bright pop of color and sets a welcoming tone for the whole house. Even better—this is a DIY bench so you can pick the color that goes best with your decor scheme, whether it's deep blue or warm pink. A set of hooks hold essentials, and you can add on a basket or two to stash shoes. Get all the directions to make your own entryway light, bright, and out of sigh at Lovely Indeed.


A Build Your Own Adventure

This table offers double the storage than your standard entryway table. We love that there's room for two rows of baskets —enough for kids and parents to each have their own designated basket of stuff. And, even more, we love that handy moms and dads can build one for themselves in an afternoon. Head on over to A Beautiful Mess for the plans and list of supplies.


The All in One Solution

If you're not in the mood to DIY, you can buy an all-in-one entryway piece. Here's a shoe rack, set of double hooks, and a bench that comes in one single unit in a neutral black iron frame and sandalwood combo. With a few clicks, you'll be on your way to a solution to your entryway problems. Buy it at eBay.

—Oz Spies



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