“Hello.” “Hi.” “Hey.” “Greetings.” “Salutations.” “Whatsup” Since your kids have already mastered the many types of greetings in the English language, use today to show them the many other ways to say “Hello” in other languages (and for a real dose of cultural fun try to find the native country on a map!). Read on for 31 ways to say “Hello” in a different language. Did we miss a language you’re familiar with?

1. Hi (English)
2. Hola (Spanish)
3. Jambo (Swahili)
4. Bonjour (French)
5. Hallo (Afrikaans)
6. Nín hǎo (Chinese)
7. Hei (Finnish)
8. Annyeonghaseyo (Korean)
9. Ahoj (Czech)
10. Kon’nichiwa (Japanese)
11. Zdravo (Slovanian)
12. Labas (Lithuanian)
13. Merhaba (Turkish)
14. Olá (Portugese)
15. Helo (Welsh)
16. Ahoy (Pirate)
17. Alo (Romanian)
18. Hej (Danish)
19. Dia duit (Irish)
20. Halló (Icelandic)
21. G’Day Mate (Aussie)
22. Sawubona (Zulu)
23. Hallo (Norwegian)
24. Zdravo (Bosnian)
25. Ciao (Italian)
26. Hallå (Swedish)
27. Alo (Haitian)
28. Përshëndetje (Albanian)
29. Aloha (Hawaiian)
30. Privet (Russian)
31. Kumusta (Tagalog)


How are you celebrating United Nations Day? What other ways to say “Hello” should we add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

— Erin Lem

photo: Olga Lednichenko via flickr