Few things are as iconic as a little red wagon. When they aren’t hauling the kiddos to the park or toys around the house, we’ve got a few inventive ways to put those Radio Flyers to use. Read on for six clever ways to roll with it.

photo: The Stanley Clan

1. Red Wagon Shelf

The Stanley Clan created this impressive bookshelf from an old Radio Flyer wagon and we can’t wait to try one ourselves. While it makes great decor for any kid’s room we can see this shabby chic number in an entryway or even a living room. To find out how to make one yourself, visit The Stanley Clan.

photo: Keith Ewing via flickr 

2. Cover It Up

Sure, you can spend some cash and get a ready-made pop up shade for the kiddo’s wagon days. Or, you can take it back to pioneer times by making turning a regular garden wagon into a pioneer day’s covered wagon. Visit Instructables to get the how-to.

photo: A Subtle Revelry

3. Ice Cream Bike Cart

Sometimes  your simple summer party needs something a little special and this ice cream bike cart from A Subtle Revelry definitely fits the bill. With a few basic items and a wagon-base, you too can impress the neighborhood kids. Visit A Subtle Revelry to learn how they did it.

photo: FarOutFlora via flickr

4. Wagon Flower Box

One of the easiest uses for an old wagon is to convert it into a planter. If there aren’t already holes in it you should drill a few for drainage and then add some potting soil. Because there isn’t a lot of room for roots to grow, we suggest using succulents because their shallow root system can take the lack of depth. They also don’t mind drying out in between waterings, which is likely to happen when there isn’t a lot of dirt involved. Succulents can take sandier and rockier soil, too. You can also try annuals like marigolds, pansies, petunias and similar which don’t require extensive room to grow.

photo: Kim Love via flickr

5. Herb Garden on Wheels

Like the planting wagon, this one takes advantage of a no-longer used toy. The push wagon your toddler has outgrown might look a little worse-for-wear but it will look amazing as a tiny garden of herbs. Just be sure there are a couple of holes for drainage and use a potting soil instead of a garden planting mix. Tuck in a few herbs that stay on the smaller side: thyme and chives should do the trick. You can try seeding in wheatgrass, too, and making this a mini-lawn to amuse yourself and your garden cat.

photo: Argh! Argh! And3RRsoN

6. Outdoor Art Station

Turn your kiddos wagon into an outdoor mobile art station. Stock it with chalk, paints and any other materials they need for a day of creating around the yard. Use a mini-wagon for an indoor version that can roll across the table from one crafta-nista to the next.

What’s your favorite way to re-use old toys, like a little red wagon? Tell us your ideas below. 

—Amber Guetebier

featured photo: The Stanley Clan