Don’t let chilly days (or busy schedules) get in the way of bodies moving this winter. You just need a little space in your living room, plus a few few props, and the whole family can get a head-to-toe-workout. From freeze dancing to good ol’ fashioned push-ups, we’ve found some cool games and tips for getting fit with your kiddos at home. Click through for ideas.

Organize a Get Movin’ Night

The whole family can get their blood pumping on Get Movin’ Night. Flashcards filled with activities like jumping jacks, somersaults and crab walking are not only physical but exciting. Check out Allison McDonald’s homegrown version at No Time for Flashcards. For more ideas, snag a pack of Fit Deck cards. We especially love the Superhero set, it includes moves like Red Rover and Flamingo.

Photo credit: Allison McDonald

How do you get fit with the kids at home? Share with us in the Comments!

— Gabby Cullen