Living in the desert is unlikely to have orchards, especially places where fresh produce is not readily available. Orchards with fresh apples, pumpkins, and other autumn produce are mostly in areas with versatile soil.

Although this time of year is fantastic to pick your fruit with your family, living in areas with no orchards or outdoor facilities may leave you lingering for that fall season feeling.

So, what can you do to prepare your family for when there are not many options for fresh farmers’ markets or orchards?

Family activities to motivate harvest time

While there may be little to no options to orchards, you can still get into the spirit of fall by encouraging your family with these activities.

Attend a farmers’ market outside your area

When was the last time you and your family had a chance to connect? Take the opportunity to plan a visit outside your area, even if you live in the desert.

Although it may take some planning, the experience to explore the outside outskirts of your city is worthwhile. Especially, when there are school breaks, grab your family and children to areas where you can harvest and buy fresh produce of the season.

Go to a harvest event at your local grocery store

While living in desert areas, there may be little opportunity for harvest time. However, take the time to investigate the markets close by from grocery store or wholesale markets.

Sometimes they often may advertise special events. Often, these places will encourage families to attend face painting or coloring events as harvest times begin in stores.

Usually, some of these happenings cater towards families that shop during the weekends. So, make sure to grab your current grocery circular for event times.

Go to a pumpkin patch

What if you can’t make it for an afternoon weekend trip to visit local orchards? Just make it simple for yourself, gather the family and head to your nearest pumpkin patch area.

Some cities, especially those that lack farms, hold pumpkin patches in several locations. In some regions, families take the opportunity to choose pumpkin or other fall produce.

In addition to picking pumpkins, your family can have fun at carnivals, bounce houses, or even spooky haunted houses.

Get together with other families for hot apple cider or cocoa

Whether you want something intimate or just a fun time with friends, potlucks are not exclusive for one type of celebration or another.

Why not invite close friends to a hot cider or hot cocoa party? A group of parents serves as host of the hot beverage and friends contribute with finger foods or snacks.

The last ingredient is simply to have fun with friends and family.

Use your porch for fall decorations

Perhaps, do you have a small balcony or porch? Then, head over to your nearest bargain store for super cute fall decorations to dress up your porch.

Even with a simple fall themed wreath, pumpkins and signs, the spirit of fall is right outside your door every time you walk into your home. As Halloween comes around, you can add more decorations to get into the spirit of fall.

Valuable family time to build memorable moments

Visiting orchards or fresh markets is a precious time for families. But don’t let a lack of places prevent you from having a wonderful time with your family.

Even though taking the time to plan visits outside your local area may be challenging, the time spent together is worthwhile. Your family and kids will appreciate the memories you’re building together.

Planning visits fosters communication and builds bonds between you and your children. Besides having time to connect, picking fresh produce teaches your family and children to value nutritious foods.

Even if you might have a picky eater, scheduling a time to know how food grows can encourage your child to appreciate fresh vegetables and fruits. The family time spent together can also help your children to begin to cook with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Getting into the spirit of fall doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Your family can enjoy the pleasure of valuable time together by taking short trips to nearby areas that have orchards or farmers’ markets.

Indeed, spending time together as a family is a worthy experience that teaches community, collaboration, and family values.

Share your thoughts! Do you have any family memories visiting other than orchards in your area?


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