The long weekend is on the horizon and everyone’s looking to keep the summer vibes going. We’ve got some fun days planned so that all you have to do is play! Our weekend guide has easy eats for the busy days and loads of activities to get you out and about. Pick just a morning’s activity or a whole day, and you are guaranteed to make memories galore.


If waking up and playing chef is not your idea of a relaxing weekend, then we've got you covered. These 10 make-ahead recipes will make your morning super chill. Try the ham and cheese casserole that's packed with protein to get your day off to a good start (and is even better reheated the next day). Looking for a breakfast that doubles as an on-the-go snack? Try the peanut butter granola. It doesn't disappoint.

Your Morning Outing
Saturday means it is time to hit the road! These last-minute road trip ideas just scream summer and will make your holiday weekend fun for the whole family. Before you hit the road, download some podcasts that are designed for kids (but are also interesting for the driver). They are guaranteed to keep the "Are we there yet?" questions at bay.

Eating on-the-go doesn't have to mean fast food. Get some travel lunch ideas from this list of 25 lunch hacks. Some favorites: keep your lunch cold with a frozen water bottle (brilliant!) and best of all, have the kiddos pack their lunch themselves.

Your Afternoon Fun
While you are out and about, tick off a few of these 100 outdoor adventures like catching fireflies and roasting s'mores. The memories will last well beyond the holiday weekend.

Don't let the adventure stop at dinner time. Encourage the kids to open their minds and their mouths to try a food they have never tried before. Who knows? You may finish the weekend with a curry-obsessed kid.

photo: Nickay3111 via Flickr

How will you spend this long weekend? Share your plans below!

—Kate Loweth