The long weekend is on the horizon and everyone’s looking to keep the summer vibes going. We’ve got some fun days planned so that all you have to do is play! Our weekend guide has easy eats for the busy days and loads of activities to get you out and about. Pick just a morning’s activity or a whole day, and you are guaranteed to make memories galore.


Slow down your Sunday morning and bust out some Waffles of Insane Greatness (how's that for a name?). These breakfast beauties offer a crispy shell, a creamy, almost custardy inside, and zero planning. Get in my belly, pronto.

Your Morning Activity
Make Sunday into science day! If you've got a sunny Sunday, try your hand at these solar science experiments like solar s'mores ovens. Or, make your own rainbow with a garden hose, glass of water or bubbles. Find all the rainbow 411 here.

Continue the rainbow love into lunchtime with some unicorn pasta or other unicorn food. Click here for all the colorful goodness and get the rainbow sprinkles ready.

Your Afternoon Fun
Go old-school and spend the afternoon playing in your backyard. With these 25 backyard games you can transform your little square of grass with a game of giant pick-up sticks or squirt gun soccer. If you have a little more time on your hands, transform your backyard into a water park. You will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Kick up your feet and relax - the kids are making dinner! We've got five super easy recipes that kids can make themselves (and they actually taste good).

photo: Lars Ploughman via Flickr

How will you spend this long weekend? Share your plans below!

—Kate Loweth