The long weekend is on the horizon and everyone’s looking to keep the summer vibes going. We’ve got some fun days planned so that all you have to do is play! Our weekend guide has easy eats for the busy days and loads of activities to get you out and about. Pick just a morning’s activity or a whole day, and you are guaranteed to make memories galore.


Muffin Monday! If there's not a hashtag for it already, there should be. Try out these donut muffins that combine two of our favorite breakfast loves. Or, whip up a batch of healthy oatmeal chocolate chip muffins (just call them "chocolate chip muffins" and even the pickiest pipsqueaks will gobble them up).

Your Morning Outing
Pack up the towels, sunscreen and snacks and head to the water. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to hit the beach or chill out lakeside. Add in a relay race or one of these 25 beach and lake activities and you can extend your stay well into the afternoon hours.

Don't let the sun get you down. Pack your cooler full of superfoods like carrots, strawberries and watermelon to beat the UV rays and protect against sun damage. Check out these recipes that kick the superfoods up to another level.

Your Afternoon Fun
Pop up the sun shade and open up a good book. The afternoon is the ideal time to chill out and read one of these 100 books that are perfect for kids.

A day by the water means it's time to bust out the barbecue. Try your hand at one of these easy grilling recipes like BBQ chicken and grilled peaches with yogurt cream.

photo: Virginia State Parks via Flickr

How will you spend this long weekend? Share your plans below!

—Kate Loweth