You’re always on the lookout for technology that’ll appease your concerns as a parent and satisfy your curious, tech-savvy kids. Good news: you can stop your search because we found the all-in-one device you’ve been looking for. The all-new Fire Kids Edition Tablets check all of the boxes for parents and kids.

Sara and her six-year-old daughter, Charlie recently tested out the Fire Kids Edition Tablet. Read on below to discover Sara and Charlie’s unique reviews of the tablet’s features and why it’s the device all parents (and kids!) will adore.

Good to know: Each new Kids Edition Tablet comes with a year’s subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, which gives your curious cutie access to 15,000 books, videos, games and apps. And it’s good stuff too. We’re talking content from PBS Kids, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Amazon Originals and more!

The 5 Main Features You Should Know About:

1. Safely navigate the web. With the new Fire Kids Edition Tablets you can access over 55,000 carefully curated kid-friendly websites and YouTube videos using the FreeTime Web Browser. Enable it under Web Settings in your child’s profile to get things started.

Sara says: Before the Fire Kids Edition Tablet I never felt comfortable giving the tablet to Charlie if I wasn’t nearby. Now, I can go about my day and even be in a different room than her without worrying what she’s accessing on the internet. It’s given me a bit of my freedom back!

Charlie says: I like to make forts and now I can watch shows in my forts in my room. 

2. Setting Goals and Time Limits. Put your star chart on the back burner, because parents can set daily goals for reading, watching and playing through FreeTime. Find it under your child’s profile settings (Setting Daily Goals and Time Limits). Then let the tablet know exactly how much time you’d like to spend on each activity, daily. Parents also have the option to block entertainment content until those daily goals are met.

Sara says: It’s a really cool feature. I set it up so Charlie has designated reading times each day, which was recommended by her first grade teacher.

Charlie: I play a fun game with my mom. If I read for 30 minutes, I get 10 minutes of Toca Lab. 

3. Managing screen time. Every parent knows successful screen time interactions are the product of … well, we’re still working on that one. But with the Fire Kids Edition, you’ve got a partner in setting limits. Set Bedtime and Daily Activity time frames through FreeTime, by clicking on the child’s profile settings and then selecting Set Daily Goals and Time Limits. Don’t you love it when technology is on your side?

Sara says: I’m conscious of screentime recommendations and want to be careful how much time Charlie spends on the tablet. I love how I don’t have to think about this with the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet. 

Charlie says: I know it’s bedtime when my screen turns off. It’s now part of my routine.

4. Internet Limits. While in FreeTime, your kids can’t access the internet or social media. This means no surprises for you, Mom and Dad!

Sara says: Charlie’s been known to visit one of my social media apps when borrowing my tablet or phone. With this feature, I’ll never have a surprise post on my feed.

Charlie says: I’ve accidentally opened an app before without my mommy’s permission. Now I only have the apps I love – all for me.

5. It helps you connect with your kids. New to the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is the Parent Dashboard. Sign into the dashboard to discover the books, videos, educational apps and games your kids enjoy in FreeTime. They even feature Discussion Cards that provide talking points and prompts so you can easily talk to your kids about what they’re discovering.

Sara says: Charlie likes reading, but her comprehension is hard to gauge. The discussion cards really help with that, and I’m able to easily talk with Charlie about what she’s engaging with on the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet.

Charlie says: I love talking about my favorite books with my mommy and all of the great things that happen in them.

Find the all-new Fire Kids Edition tablets on starting at $99.


—copy by Allison Sutcliffe; photos by Sara Olsher