Now more than ever, parents want to keep their kids safe and a new product from Under the Weather is here to help. The company behind the WeatherPod, which gives families protection from inclement weather and bugs while spending time outdoors, has redirected their efforts to protecting the public during the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Under the Weather launched SafetyPods which were originally developed to help protect healthcare workers. The design was soon modified so everyone can use them and now the company has launched the ShieldPod Mini for kiddos!

ShieldPod Minis come in pink, blue and gray and pops open in seconds. Each one comes with an adjustable backpack, waist straps, clear panels that give a 270° view, armholes and a zippered front that makes it easy to move. The mini size is perfect for preschoolers through 10 years old and is super lightweight.

The $70 innovative pods are selling quick, with the gray color currently sold out. Want a matching set? You can snag an adult version for $80 or a walking pod for even more coverage ($110).

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Under the Weather



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