You’ve got your crib picked out and more adorable onesies than you ever dreamed possible, but there’s a super sweet addition you’ll want to add to your registry today: baby board books from the New Books for Newborns series. Read on to find out why this collection is the perfect addition to any growing family’s library.

Celebrate That Special Moment

New Books for Newborns is a curated collection of books just for parents and their new babies. Designed for infants, and with titles like Welcome Home BabyGoodnight My Darling Baby, Blanket of Love, and Mama Loves You So, these books all make a wonderful baby shower gift or registry item. All the books feature rhythmic text, perfect for reading aloud to your wee ones. Parents will relate to the touching topics like bringing home baby from the hospital for the first time, and sweet illustrations. Plus, the books can be easily grabbed and played with, keeping baby entertained and offering a stimulating experience for tiny forming minds.


Why You Need It

Studies show that reading to infants can increase their language and vocab skills long before school ever starts. It’s never too early to read to your child! If you want to read with your newbies but aren’t sure where to begin, New Books for Newborns is your answer. They make a wonderful gift for baby showers and should be added to any registry today. 

$31.99, for the boxed set of four books. Buy them now.

What’s the first book you read to your baby? Tell us in a comment below. 

—all images courtesy Simon & Schuster, copy by Amber Guetebier