photo: Pixabay

From the moment you walk into the park, a Disney experience is meant to be magical at every turn and the employees are there to ensure that your visit is nothing but memorable. It’s no secret that Disney Parks have a lot of rules for the people who work there, but this one might surprise you.

Despite the crowds and long lines, a trip to a Disney theme park is pretty close to perfection. A lot of hard work goes into making that fun and fantasy come to life, which includes how the park employees assist visitors. According to Travel and Leisure, there are three little words that Disney employees are never allowed to say. When a park guest asks any question, cast members can’t respond with, “I don’t know.”

Even if they really don’t know the answer, cast members are required to do whatever it takes to find the answer for a guest. This isn’t the only way that Disney employees go the extra mile for visitors. It was recently revealed that cast members also have the power to gift guests a magical moment, like free ice cream or front of the line passes, whenever they see fit.

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— Shahrzad Warkentin