If there’s one thing every mom needs its support—and we’re not just talking about the emotional, mom village kind. We’re talking about “tuck in that muffin top and suck it all in” support—the support that only a pair of mom jeans can provide. Enter: the new Levi’s ribcage jean.

The newest style from Levi is the highest rise jean ever released by the company, coming in at crazy 12 and one-eighth inches! It sits at the waist right below your rib cage, which puts it squarely into next-level “mom jean” territory.

The company says the new design was inspired by one of their 1990’s 501s, and honestly we couldn’t be happier with their willingness to jump back on the high-waisted train. The slim-fitting waist, straight leg and wider leg opening (read: no skinny jeans here!) make this a perfect everyday jean for moms.

Currently, Levi’s ribcage jeans come in three styles—the Straight Leg, Pleated Crop and Split Flare—and range in price from $98 to $128 a pair. Pick from tons of washes and plenty of hems, like chewed or frayed.

The best part about the new ribcage style is it can be styled high or low! Tuck in a top to accentuate your curves, or pair with a long sweater for a sleek and smooth feel. There’s no wrong way to high waist!

––Karly Wood

All photos courtesy of Levi’s



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