Ask any true royal if they have a “real” job and you will get a resounding “yes!” Modern royal families are advocates, ambassadors and icons, and while the princesses from our favorite Disney movies may not have the same duties, they too serve as heroes and inspiration for young children.

When graphic artist Matt Burt came up with the idea to create Disney Princesses with careers, he empowered the classic princesses to inspire a generation of girls to succeed in traditionally male-dominated careers. His collection of reimagined princesses taking on strong, professional jobs that make an impact is the perfect way to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Keep scrolling to see this inspirational portfolio of Disney Princesses with modern day careers.

Tiana: James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur

It's no surprise Tiana uses her mad cooking skills to dominate in her career as a chef. The princess turned-restauranteur not only has her own restaurant but is a recipient of the prestigious James Beard Award, too.

Snow White: Leading Psychologist

Snow White's love of animals and others launched her into a career as a leading psychologist. She earned her doctorate in psychology, presents her research at conferences and helps anyone in needed––whether they're bashful, grumpy or just plain happy.

Moana: Officer in the Navy

With her love of the sea, Moana holds the position of a lieutenant commander in the Navy and has been awarded multiple honors. She counts among them two Navy Achievement medals and a National Defense Service Medal. 

Jasmine: U.N. Ambassador

Growing up a princess means Jasmine is a natural politician. As an ambassador, she advocates for Agrabah at the United Nations, including protecting women’s rights.


Aurora: Coffee Company CEO

Aurora is doing her part to keep people awake and is the founder and CEO of Spinning Wheel Coffee. As the leader of one of the leading coffee chains in the nation, the former Sleeping Beauty knows how hard it can be to wake up and wants to help in any way she can.

Merida: Two-Time Olympian

Using her skills in archery and horseback riding, Merida represents Scotland in the Olympics. A gold-medalist already, the red-haired princess has her eyes on the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Rapunzel: Neurologist

Despite her love of art, Rapunzel took her healing abilities to medical school. She specializes in the field of neurology and is a leading expert.

Anna & Elsa: Climate Change Scientists

We need all the help we can get when handling climate change, but Anna and Elsa are on the job! Their careers as Climate Change Scientists show their dedication to studying climate change always using accurate and sourced information.

Pocahontas: Head of an Environmental Non-Profit

Pocahontas heads up a non-profit organization that is committed to preserving and protecting the environment.  Her main goal is to protect and promote sustainable use of natural resources with activities and action.

Ariel: Pop Star & Record Producer

Once she mastered walking on legs, Ariel went multi-platinum with her single, “Part of Your World.” As a performing artist, she writes her music and is also a producer at her own label, Seven Seas Records.

Mulan: Tital IX Lawyer

Mulan used her experience of discrimination in the military and turned into a law degree. After graduating with the highest honors she now fights for equality on university campuses. Her main goal is to ensure that men and women are given the same treatment and opportunities. 

Belle: University Chancellor

Nothing can stop Belle from learning, so she turned it into a career! The recipient of a B.A. in Education, Belle is now the chancellor at a major university and ensures that education is affordable for everyone.

Cinderella: Animal Rights Activist

Cinderella knows she would be nowhere without the help of her furry friends. As a princess, she used her power to found a non-profit organization committed to promoting animal rights.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Matt Burt/SimplyThriftyLiving



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