Ah, the little girl that your kiddo has grown up with has suddenly…ah, changed? The Dora the Explorer live-action movie is coming and it’s pretty likely that you’ll instantly notice something a tad different about the title character.

We all know Dora as the plucky little girl who went on adventure after adventure with her cute monkey friend named Boots. But the live action flick won’t star a similarly-aged seven-year-old actress—not even close. Instead, Isabel Moner—who is 17—will play Dora.

Even though Dora may not exactly look the same as you or your tot remembers, the starring actress certainly has plenty of positive things to say about the character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moner said, “I’m honored and excited to bring Dora to life. I grew up watching the show, and for me, especially as a Latina, Dora was an amazing role model—she is a strong, adventurous and fun-loving girl.”

So when can you catch this live-action version of the Nickelodeon fave? It looks like you’ll have to wait almost an entire year to see it. As of now, the release date is Aug. 2, 2019.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Nick Jr. via YouTube


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