In spite of bulging carry-ons and bags stocked with enough snacks to feed the entire passenger list, every parent knows that when traveling with children the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. While fear of a missing toothbrush or extra socks isn’t enough to keep you up at night, what if your kid lost their special little lovey? When the Steel family realized their baby girl had lost her “Ra Ra,” their vacation was re-routed from Toronto to Heartbreak City.

Thanks to the creative folks at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ra Ra’s temporary MIA status went viral among the employees and not only was she recovered, she embarked on an adventure all her own. Check out a few of the photos from the Toronto Pearson’s Facebook page, which documented Ra Ra on her adventure and eventual reunion with her beloved kid.

Ra Ra 1

Ra Ra3

12033045_10153628556884663_4192461120075336784_nPhotos Courtesy of Toronto Pearson International Airport

And, our favorite: Ra Ra safely returned to the arms of her loving companion.

Ra Ra2Photo Courtesy of Facebook User: Jen Heuvelmans Steel 

Has your child lost their favorite toy?

—Francesca Katafias