By nature, I’m a private person.  ‘Self contained’ one might say.

I’m also exceptionally organized, driven and have mapped out, planned out and researched out all options for my kids at all times.

Expected options that is.

So, when school “wasn’t working” for Sam, when my homework systems “weren’t working” for Sam.  When , let’s be honest, my life systems “weren’t working” for Sam – I didn’t really know what to do.

And reaching out was hard.

Talking about things that “weren’t working” was hard.

Knowing what to say other than, “hmm things aren’t working – and I don’t know why” was hard.

But I did find, that the more I shared about things not working and confessed that I had no idea why, the more support did show up.

Tutors showed up.  Psychologists showed up.  Friends in similar situations showed up.  Support in every form showed up.

Sharing our parenting struggles is hard.

It’s hard I think because not only do we make ourselves vulnerable by sharing that we are totally learning on the job – and our most important job at that – but our children are also basically our hearts walking around out in the world open to pain as much as to love.

Today I am embracing all the support that shows up around me and sharing with the mindset that it will only be received with love.

Featured Photo Courtesy: StockSnap