“REGIIISTEEERED TO THE POKEY-DEX!!” My boys scream out of delight. Not just a loud scream, this is a full body, red-faced, throat hoarse, scream of delight. Every time we catch something new on Pokémon Go I hear this squeal. The momentary joy they get and the following interest in learning about what creature they caught is something I love being a part of.

But I used to struggle with an internal guilt. All the articles about the negative impacts of electronics on kids and how you are a bad mom if you let your kids use them. The judgmental looks from another mom when they find out you let your kids use a tablet. It all made me feel like I should temper my boys’ excitement while around these people or even in the park where other moms are lurking.  On the other hand, how could this family fun be a bad thing?

On the other hand, how could all this family fun be a bad thing?

Listen, I get that there is an important need for balance. I emphasize it to my boys too. However, I am no longer going to feel bad if I get nasty looks while out and about playing a game with my boys.

You shouldn’t either.

If you are asking the question of “how much is too much?” Or “What is right for my family with electronics?” Even “Is it ok if I let them play”? Then you will be just fine.

Only you know what’s right for your family. Once you have made your decision, let go of the guilt. Maybe you let your kids play their favorite games while you get some things marked off your to do list. Or maybe you go out and about playing Pokémon like I do. Or maybe you choose to not let them play at all. Maybe you homeschool and use electronics to supplement the learning. The key is, you get to decide, and you shouldn’t have to feel bad for it.

Let’s be the moms who embrace our decisions and embrace others regardless of theirs. In regards to electronics and beyond. While there are some moms who don’t care what others think, I know many of us struggle with it. Who doesn’t want to be liked or accepted? Why does every mom decision have to be made to feel like a make or break situation?

Remember that your love for your children makes you a good mother.

What mom decision do you struggle with?

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