If the great phone debate is raging in your house and you’re wondering if your kids are ready for a phone, you might want to consider a dumb one. “What is a “dumb phone?,” you might ask. It’s the smartest device you can get if you want your kids to disconnect.

A company called Light has created the perfect solution for parents who want to stay connected with their kids without connecting them to social media. The Light Phone 2 is a simple call and text-only phone. Unlike their grandparent’s Jurassic flip phones, this dumb phone is sleek and stylish.

“The Light Phone 2 is a great alternative in that it is a fully functioning phone, but it is not going to induce one to keep playing with it. The lack of internet browser and social media alleviates a lot of fears in parents. Unlike a flip phone, however, to children, the Light Phone is still seen as ‘cool’ amongst their peers. We have been working with parents on the idea of a parental app to support their child’s Light Phone 2 as well,” Joe Hollier, co-founder of Light, told Good Morning America.

The Light Phone 2 is currently available for pre-order through the company’s Indiegogo campaign, which is already fully funded. You can purchase a phone for $250, but you’ll have to wait a full year to get it, as the estimated ship date isn’t until April 2019.

Would you buy this phone for your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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