Being showered with baby gifts is wonderful—but after you labor to bring that baby in world is when you could really use some pampering from your closest pals with a postpartum party. What is a postpartum party, you ask? It’s the best way to celebrate new moms.

As Bust magazine explains, instead of a couple of hours of unwrapping baby clothes and playing “guess her baby bump size,” a postpartum party keeps the  party train going for six whole weeks. New moms can create a thoughtful list of friends they actually don’t mind seeing them in their haven’t-showered-for-two-days state and invite them to visit in the weeks following the birth. For those party guests who never quite seem to catch the fact that the party is over, there will be hard and fast rules about “party” hours.

Each guest can sign up using a service like to bring a much-needed hot meal to the “party.” The party games will involve popular hits like change the baby’s diaper and hold the baby while mom takes a shower out just passes out on the couch for 20 minutes.

Instead of those adorable onesies that will be outgrown in nanoseconds, your party guests can come bearing gifts like a vacuum and mop, which they will then use to clean your house. Better yet, guests can gift you a day at the spa while they look after your little one.

Let’s face it, the early days with a newborn are HARD. While pampering pre-baby is fun, clearly a postpartum party is just what every new mom could really use, so hopefully this new trend will catch on quick.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Ylanite Koppens via Pexels




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