Looking to give your older kids a little more control over their shopping and spending habits? Say hello to Amazon for Teens. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a way for older kids to shop safely on their own.

Your favorite online retailer just launched Amazon for Teens, which allows teens ages 13 to 17 to set up their own Amazon profiles, browse and make purchases. But, don’t worry, parents still have full control. While teens can place orders on their own, parents are still able to see and review each item before approving.

photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Parents can give the go ahead for an order with a quick text or they can set up spending limits so that orders are approved automatically up to the limit. Either way parents will still see a detailed record of every transaction. Teens will also benefit from the same Prime Shipping and Prime Video benefits as their parents, without any additional fees.

While parents can just as easily place orders for their teens, this new feature is a great way to teach kids about the value of items and budgeting. It can also give growing teens a little more independence as they learn how to shop for themselves.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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