Your kiddos may snub just about anything that’s green, but that doesn’t mean absolutely everyone can’t stand veggies. Green Giant recently named America’s favorite vegetable, based on a survey of nearly 4,000 Americans. Whether you’re a strict vegetarian or you just eat your greens as a side dish to a meaty meal, you’ll want to know which veggie took top honors.

Drum roll, please. And the winner is…broccoli. Yep. It looks like teeny tiny trees, crunches when cooked al dente and is the number one vegetable in 47 percent of the states. So if your little one tosses their florets on the floor, screaming, “Mommmmmmy, nobody likes broccoli!” You can fire back with Green Giant’s stats.

Even though broccoli is the most popular vegetable in almost half of all U.S. states, some geographic regions had other preferences. The second most popular veggie honor went to corn, with none states picking the golden goodness of this husk-cocooned summertime grilling fave.

Along with the top picks, the Green Giant survey also revealed what some of American’s least liked vegetables are. Peas only ranked number one in a single state—Idaho. And yes, we were all thinking that potatoes would have a landslide win in Idaho.

The vegetables that didn’t even make the list include peppers (kind of a surprise), onions (not really a surprise), celery (hmm) and spinach (kind of a surprise).

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Meditations via Pixabay


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