So you’ve tried just about every Frap flavor that Starbucks has to offer. Well, now here’s something new to shake up your morning routine. Keepers coffee soda isn’t your typical from-the-shelf bottled (or in this case, canned) cold brew. And it’s not an overly flavored foamy, icy concoction either. So, what is it then?

Straight out of Brooklyn, Keepers is changing the face of your morning joe. In fact, this coffee in a can isn’t totally an a.m. addiction. It’s a bubbly little mother’s helper that you will want to drink all day long (but don’t—that’s just waaaaaay too much caffeine for even the most sleep-deprived of us).

Unlike some of the other “flavored” coffee drinks out there, Keepers soda doesn’t have just a marginal hint of citrus goodness. Instead, it’s a full-on flavor festival. You’ll get the lemon, lime and tangerine taste without wondering, “Is this just coffee or should I be tasting something else?” Oh, but that doesn’t mean it tastes just like a Sprite. You’ll still get that distinct coffee flavor too!

And how did this carbonated citrus coffee come to be? Founders Thi Lam and Brent Lagerman reportedly got experimental with their Sodastream while at work (the duo worked for a branding agency before venturing into citrus coffee soda). After several tries, they ended up with a winning combo—coffee plus citrus. The rest is kind of history. The new beverage company has even scored a deal with Whole Foods Market to sell this refreshing bubbly brew—so hopefully you’ll be able to see it on your local shelves, soon.

—Erica Loop

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