Forget about grandma’s two-week stay immediately after baby’s big b-day––today’s parents are all about cocooning. If you haven’t heard of this popular practice, we’ve got the scoop.

So what exactly is cocooning? Like the name implies, parents wrap their babies in a protective cocoon—that is, a metaphorical one. Instead of a burrito-ish blanket or some kind of cocoon-esque contraption, parents are protecting their newborn kiddos with plenty of space.

photo: Tracey Shaw via Pexels

Instead of grandma, grandpa and your BFF stopping by to catch a cuddle with your three-day-old, cocooning parents keep everyone away for a set period of time. This no visiting policy gives parents the chance to bond with their new baby. It also protects the newborn, keeping germs at bay in the first few precious days (or weeks).

New mom Nicolle Pritchard told the New York Post, “It’s such an important and delicate time. There’s so many changes we have to get used to . . . and as much as all of them have great intentions and want to help us, we want it to be just us and the baby.”

While cocooning isn’t for everyone, and your fam may not understand, it’s an idea to explore!

—Erica Loop



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