Move over UNO, DOS is coming to town. What is the new DOS card game? Okay, okay, so DOS isn’t going to make your kiddos forget about their number one card game love. But it is an addition to the classic UNO brand that your child is going to want to play. Check out what DOS is, how it expands on UNO and why you need it ASAP!

The name kind of says it all. Um, or maybe the name says part of it. You already know how to play the classic UNO game — match colors or numbers until you have one card left and then scream, “UNO!!!!!!!!”

Well, DOS is similar to the original UNO game. Your kiddos will still match colors and number. But instead of starting with one card, they’ll start with two. Instead of the number-color match free for all, players match numbers first. If the color also happens to match, they get an added bonus. Yay!

Players will continue to match the numbers, and possibly colors, until they have…yes, you guessed it, TWO cards left. And what happens then? Obviously, you yell, “DOS!”

DOS will roll out exclusively at Target on March 4, 2018. You’ll be able to buy DOS from other retailers across the U.S. starting in August.

What do you think about this new card game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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