Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and Google is overwhelmed with searches like “What to get mom for Mother’s Day” and “Brunch specials in my area.” Husbands are helping make secret, handmade projects with their small children and adult children are looking for any restaurant with an open reservation on Sunday morning. Grandmothers are preparing for cards and handprint artwork to flood their refrigerators. And while friends and family, and even pets, show their love and appreciation towards the mothers in their lives every Mother’s Day, moms need to be shown love from another important group of people.

And that is from other moms. 

Mothers, especially modern day mothers, are overwhelmed by the pressures that come by being a mom. Pressures from society, family and friends who think they know better, work (whether it’s an office, a hospital, a classroom, or their own home), themselves for not doing enough, and other moms. Mothers can be the most judgmental and ruthless group of people sometimes (myself included). It’s easy to judge a fellow daycare mom or the mom working two jobs to make ends meet.

“She is so put together, she must have it all figured out.”

“She works doubles every day she can, she must be struggling.”

“Her kids’ clothes are dirty, their mom must not care what they look like.” 

“She treats her dog like it’s a baby, how ridiculous.”

It’s easier to criticize than empathize. But on this Mother’s Day I challenge moms to empathize with fellow moms. And to treat each other with kindness and even forgiveness. Forgive the mom that overslept and couldn’t change their child out of pajamas. Forgive the mom who looks exhausted and angry after another long day of wearing heels just to try to get closer to a promotion. Forgive the grandmother with arthritic hands who couldn’t braid her granddaughter’s hair, even though she desperately wishes she could have. 

Forgive and empathize this Mother’s Day. And toast your mimosa to fellow mothers everywhere for doing a damn good job.