With the winter holidays long-forgotten and more than a month until the Easter Bunny hops over to your house, there’s still that mid-winter holiday slump—but thankfully, it’s broken up by the most loving of all gift-giving holidays: Valentine’s Day. Even though not everyone celebrates, this is what every parent should get for Valentine’s Day. (At least, according data from the National Retail Federation.)

So just how much are we all spending on Valentine’s Day? According to the NRF, Americans spend $19.6 billion—yes, that’s billion with a “b”—for Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations. Of course, the majority of that spending goes from one S.O. to another. That also means the money you’re spending on your partner our spouse puts you in the topmost spending group of Valentine’s shoppers.

Photo: Jose Escobar via Unsplash

What are all of these spouses and significant others spending on their other—dare we say it, better—halves? Jewelry (obvs) tops the list, with $4.7 billion projected in total sales for this year. But the second-place expenditure may not be what you think. If you guessed flowers, you’d have gotten the third-place winner right. And if you guessed chocolate, well that’s way down in fifth place.

The second highest Valentine’s Day spending category—and one that all parents totally need—is an evening out. The NRF stats project that couples will spend $3.7 billion on a V Day evening out with their honey. This shows that even though a necklace is okay, couples also really enjoy a night out together.

Infographic via Statista

Go ahead and book a table anywhere that doesn’t give you a paper placemat that’s covered in mazes and word jumbles along with a mini-pack of crayons. Hire a sitter and enjoy your holiday.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift that you’ve ever gotten? Leave your love letter in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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