They blow us away with their intelligence, smiles and unconditional love. But, sometimes more often than not our kids just leave us scratching our heads and laughing. For National Puzzle Day we want to hear the most bizarre, hilarious, confounding and overall puzzling things your kids have ever said. Share your stories with us on social media by tagging #RedTricycle or send our editor an email (Editor AT We’ll feature our favorites!

And, to kick it off, our Community and Marketing Manager, Sara shared with us a conversation she recorded with her then four-year-old daughter, Charlie.

This morning, confusion ensues when Charlie uses the word “barrettes” instead of “hair clips” like she usually does.

Charlie: Mommy, my teacher has breasts.
Me: Why yes, Charlie, I suppose she does.
Charlie: She keeps them in a box. I have breasts too, but I don’t keep them in a box.
Me: Actually honey, you don’t have breasts yet. You will when you’re a grown up.
Charlie: I do TOO have breasts! I KEEP THEM IN A JAR MOMMY. My breasts are PURPLE AND PINK WITH POLKA DOTS.

photo: Donnie Ray via flickr