It’s that time of year when it’s time to start watching all your holiday favorites, including classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The iconic childhood fave is practically a Turkey Day staple—and here’s where and when you can watch it with your fam this year.

In case the details are fuzzy, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving features the turkey day tale of Peppermint Patty, crashing a festive holiday dinner, in her own special way. After inviting herself and her friends to “Chuck’s” for Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown and his BFF’s have to come up with an impromptu dinner menu. And oh—what a menu!

Photo: ABC Television

Instead of the traditional turkey and lumpy mashed potatoes, Charlie Brown and friends serve up buttered toast, jellybeans, pretzels and popcorn. Hey, now that’s a menu any mama who’s spent too much time in the kitchen can totally appreciate.

You can catch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on ABC the day before the holiday—on Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern. If that’s past your kids’ bed time, or maybe you just want to watch it on repeat whenever you want, you can also watch it in HD via Amazon Prime Video for $12.99.

—Erica Loop




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