Saying goodbye to the Pearson family at the end of season 2 wasn’t easy, but it is just a matter of time until fans can grab their tissue boxes and tune in for a good ugly cry again. The This Is Us season 3 premiere date has officially been released and the good news is you won’t have long to wait.

Along with gleefully sending the kids back to school, the end of summer will also bring the return of This Is Us. Justin Hartley, aka Kevin Pearson, recently revealed on Twitter that the third season of the hit series will premiere on Sep. 25 at 9 p.m. Hartley also shared a video of a calendar highlighting important dates in the Pearson family, like the Big 3’s shared birthday.

Twitter fans were swift to share their excitement over the news that more This Is Us is just around the corner.

Details are scant on what season 3 will have in store for the Pearson family, but with just three short summer-filled months to go, we won’t have long to find out. After the season 2 finale dream sequence placing Milo Ventimiglia on screen with the adult Big 3 for the first time ever in the series, fans can be sure that anything is possible with this show that continues to twist and turn in surprising ways.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: nbcthisisus via Instagram


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