It’s almost time to say buh-bye to a fan favorite. Disneyland is closing A Bug’s Land to make way for their new superhero-themed land, based on the majorly popular Marvel Comics characters such as The Avengers. With the Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout ride bordering the soon-to-be non-existent A Bug’s Land, it looks like the theme park has found the perfect place for a Marvel-themed area.

A Bug’s Land, which was based on the 1998 A Bug’s Life movie, has been a park fixture for years. Delighting the tiny tot crowd, this attraction drew in visitors with Heimlich’s Chew, Chew Train, Francis’ Ladybug Boogie and Flik’s Flyers, among others.

So when will A Bug’s Land close for good? According to the Disney Parks Blog, Sep. 4 will be the last day to visit the buggy attractions. Even though the closing is set for late summer 2018, the new Marvel-themed land isn’t expected to open until sometime in 2020.

Oh and if your kiddo was a fan of the Flik’s Flyers ride, you’re in luck. It’s getting an overhaul, with the park transforming it into the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind—at Pixar Pier.

As of yet, Disney hasn’t dished on what they’ll officially call new Marvel-themed land. Due to previous contractual agreements, the name “Marvel Land” is out. But don’t worry, you’ll still see plenty of your favorite Marvel characters there. That is, in 2020!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Anna Fox via Flickr


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