There’s nothing quite like the breathtaking sight of blazing red and orange leaves to get you in the fall spirit. Thanks to this amazing interactive fall foliage map you can figure out the best times and places to see those beautiful colors from now through November.

The fall foliage season varies across the country and the peak changes from year to year based on the annual temperatures and rainfall, which means knowing when and where to visit is the key to enjoying an incredible view. Each year creates a predictive map of the fall foliage season by using a complex algorithm that carefully analyzes several million data points, like historical temperatures and precipitation, which is used to forecast county-by-county the precise moment when peak fall will occur.

“The predictive fall leaf map helps potential travelers, photographers and leaf peepers determine the precise future date that the leaves will peak in each area of the continental United States,” explains the creator of the map data scientist and CTO Wes Melton. “By utilizing the date selector at the bottom of the map, the user can visually understand how fall will progress over a region. We believe this interactive tool will enable travelers to take more meaningful fall vacations, capture beautiful fall photos and enjoy the natural beauty of autumn. Our nationwide fall foliage prediction map is unique––it is one of the only fall leaf tools that provides accurate predictions for the entire continental United States.”

While no prediction is 100 percent accurate, the map is an excellent guideline if you’re making travel plans around the peak foliage times. According to this year’s map, the first peak will begin at the end of September with most of the country passing the peak by the beginning of November.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Boudewijn Huysmans via Unsplash



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