At one point or another, every parent must face the dreaded question: where do babies come from? For some lucky parents, avoiding the question is a little easier because their kids are already baby experts. Check out these hilarious quotes from real moms whose kids dropped some knowledge bombs on where babies come from.

Alternative choices.
“My 6 year old was fascinated to learn all about how babies grow. She took a very scientific view of the process, asking questions and seeking clarification. No emotions would interfere with her quest for knowledge. Until she discovered how the babies come out. Her response to that realization? ‘I think I’ll adopt.’”
—Jessica H.

They come in a 5 pack.
“My son asked if we could get him a baby girl. I asked him where he thought we could pick up a baby and he said Costco!”
—Katie S.

Don’t be silly, that’s not what vaginas are for!
“My son asked if all babies got “cut out” of mommies tummies. I explained that no, some women have c-sections and some babies come out another way. He asked how. I told him they come out through the mommy’s vagina….there was a long pause and then he burst out into hysterical laughter, ‘mommy that’s ridiculous!’”
—Justine F.

The student becomes the teacher.
“When my oldest was 6, I was pregnant and so we told him, in a kid version, how babies were made and all about pregnancy. We used the correct terms. Well, at school one day a little girl said something about how babies grew in the tummy. My son corrected her and the class ended up having a lesson/discussion about pregnancy.”
—Heather W.

Give it a few years.
“My husband is a doctor so with all the anatomy books laying about they know EXACTLY where babies come from. Finally told my 9 yr old how babies are made and his response was “that is gross”.
—Nicole T.

What’s for lunch?
“When I was pregnant, my daughter wondered how a baby got into my belly so she asked me if I ate the baby.”
—Diane W.

Just google it.
“My daughter knows exactly where babies come from. She googled it on her brain pop jr. app. Although, she is still quite confused how ‘the sperm cell just JUMPED from Daddy to Mommy’s uh-ter-us (uterus) and noooobody saw it….’ (we tell her it was a very small cell and probably happened at night when it was dark).”
—Alison D.

“My 6 year old thought you get married, kiss and then have a baby. We went to a friend’s wedding and awhile after she asked if they had a baby, I told her no and she said ‘but I saw them kiss!!!’”
—Sandra B.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A baby!
“My older child knew babies were carried in a special place inside of a mommy, but hadn’t asked how they came out yet. One day, he asked me if he could look at my belly button. It was an odd request, but sure. It’s a belly button. He looked, thanked me, and made a kinda perplexed noise as he turned to walk off. Then I hear him mutter as he walked off, ‘…but there’s no door!’ It took me a second, then it hit me. He somehow had worked out in his head, without asking how babies came out, that women had a door in their bellies.”
—Jayme H.

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