photo: Pixabay

It’s not long now before millions of kids across the world will look to the skies to see if they can catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer-led sleigh. If you need a little assistance answering the question of the hour (and finally scooting the kids off to bed) check out this awesome Santa Tracker from Google.

Santa Tracker by Google isn’t just a simple radar to follow the jolly old elf as he crosses the globe, it’s also a countdown full of fun activities. Although the tracker went live as a countdown on December 1, you can still join in the fun now as the clock ticks steadily towards Christmas Eve. Each day that has already been uncovered like a digital advent calendar offers kids of all ages games and fun activities, like coding with snowflakes and learning about holiday traditions around the world.

When Christmas Eve arrives you can gather around the electric glow of the laptop screen and follow Santa all night long, or just until the kids finally fall asleep and you help Santa finish off his cookies and milk.

Do your kids believe in Santa? Share what you’ll be leaving out for the big guy in red and his reindeer in the comments below.