Thin Mints, Samoas and Trefoils, oh my! It’s time for the most delicious season of the year—the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie season—and this year there’s a brand new flavor for our inner cookie monster to enjoy.

The new cookie flavor is called Caramel Chocolate Chip and features rich caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips with a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie—and it’s even gluten-free! The newest gluten-free offering joins Toffetastic, which debuted in 2015. Sorry Trio fans, the other gluten-free flavor which also launched in 2015 won’t be returning this year.

Photo: Courtesy of Girl Scouts USA

Depending upon where you live only one of these gluten-free options—either the Caramel Chocolate Chip or Toffeetastic—will be available to buy. The Girl Scouts employ two different bakeries to create their delectable assortment of Girl Scout Cookies; each bakery offers slightly different variations on the same cookies. As such, each Girl Scout Council’s cookie offerings are regionally-dependent based on which cookie bakery they use. (That’s why those coconut cookies drizzled in chocolate are Samoas in some parts of the country and Caramel De-Lites in others.)

Every year, the Girl Scouts parade their coveted cookies and every year we are more than happy to shell out a few bucks to gobble them up. Not only are they delicious, but buying Girl Scout cookies helps support an organization dedicated to empowering young girls with leadership and outdoor skills, STEM knowledge and financial literacy—among many other valuable skills.

Photo: Shelia Herman via Flickr 

The cookie program itself teaches Girl Scouts entrepreneurial skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and even business ethics as they promote and sell their products like a running a small business. Those skills last a lifetime, too.

Research shows that 53 percent of female entrepreneurs are former Girl Scouts. In addition, all Girl Scouts that participate in the cookie sales program have the opportunity to enter the Cookie Pro Contest. In partnership with DC Super Hero Girls, GSUSA will reward exceptional cookie boss girls who take the lead, set high goals for themselves, bring positive change to their communities and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills.

Photo: Courtesy of Dunkin’

The earnings the Girl Scouts make on those cookies goes towards programs and activities throughout the year, including outdoor adventure and STEM programming—and many girls put the money toward impactful community projects right in their own backyards. In 2018, the Girl Scouts added a whopping 30 new STEM related badges to their program.

And if you need something tasty to pair with your cookies this year, you’re in luck. Beginning next month, Dunkin’ stores will serve up limited edition drinks based on Girl Scout Cookie flavors. As a delicious bonus, many Dunkin’ locations across the country will also invite Girl Scouts to set up cookie booths outside its stores, so you can hit up one spot to fulfill all your cookie cravings.

To find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you, visit or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app.

—Shahrzad Warkentin




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