Furry, rainbow-colored and interactive is the perfect recipe for hottest toy of the year and the new Lil’ Gleemerz toys check all the boxes and more. These adorable toy pets are sure to be at the top of every wishlist by the holidays so you’ll want to get them while you still can.

Last year’s uber-popular Fingerlings have set off an explosion of interactive toy pets and the Lil’ Gleemerz are one of the latest additions bringing some special features that are unique. The big-eyed, cute little creatures feature 100 different interactions in response to both touch and sound. Touch points and buttons on their heads and tails elicit responses like purrs and flashing lights, as well as funny jokes, phrases and questions.

Besides these interactions, Lil’ Gleemerz also feature two additional modes, Light Party Mode and Game Mode. Dim the lights and blast some tunes to have a fun Light Party. The Lil’ Gleemerz eyes and tails will light up flashing to the beat of the music.

In Game Mode, you can play three different games with your pet, like Tennis Tail where you can ping pong lights back and forth along their tail using the button in the end of the tail. The lights will move faster making the game more challenging as you play.


There are three different Lil’ Gleemerz available in blue, purple and pink. They sell for $20 each and can currently be pre-ordered at Target or Walmart. Amazon already has them ready to ship on Prime, but they’ll officially be on sale starting Jul. 28.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Target


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