Break out your turkey day stretchy pants early because with the new Thanksgiving Pringles flavors, once you pop you can’t stop—and when Kelloggs’ introduced their wacky flavors to the masses, people really couldn’t stop.

For the best all-in-one meal since Violet Beauregard turned violet, Pringles has just introduced an entire Thanksgiving dinner—dessert and all—in a chip (or rather, three chips). Forget slaving over the stove this year, you can just serve up dinner in a can. The Pringles Thanksgiving dinner comes in a box packed with three different flavors: turkey, stuffing and yes, even pumpkin pie.

Photo: Kellogg’s Store

Last year the internet went wild when Pringles revealed a sneak peek of these specialty crisps, which turned out to be a pilot taste test that was extremely limited. Pringles made the chips available to fans across the country this year and apparently, fans were so excited the chips reportedly sold out within 41 minutes of going on sale online!

“Please accept our deepest regrets that we were not able to meet all order requests for Pringles® Thanksgiving In A Can,” an announcement reads on the product page at Kellogg’s Store website. “Due to the exclusive nature of this item, we were only able to create a limited number of cans and could not fulfill the unprecedented demand. We appreciate your loyalty to Kellogg’s™.”

(Hopeful but disappointed shoppers however can score 20 percent off their Kellogg’s Store website purchase however, with promo code PRINGLES20.)

Originally retailing for $14.99 for a three-pack of questionable life choices, you can already find Thanksgiving Pringles on eBay…for several times their original cost if you really must get your hands on these one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving rarities.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr




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