Get ready to experience the best part of your favorite summer fair—in your kitchen! That’s right, State Fair Oreos exist, and they’re every bit the fried fabulousness you’d expect.

If you missed the state (or county) fair this summer, don’t stress. You still have a chance to get the deep-fried goodness that is the State Fair Oreo.

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Yep, the iconic cookie brand introduced yet another in a long series of must-gave flavors. Oh, but this time it’s in the freezer section. If you’re a fan of sweet, sweet carnival fare, you probably already know that your can Deep Fried Twinkies (also in the freezer section). Well now you can add Oreos to the list of at-home fair foods.

So where can you get the Oreo State Fair Cookie? For right now, these little gems are available at Walmart for $3.98. They’re available in vanilla or chocolate crunch coatings, giving you the option to indulge in your favorite flavor.

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Finally the day has arrived where Oreo State Fair Cookies are in my possession, my oven and in my belly. 🤗 If you’ve ever had a deep fried Oreo that’s what these are created to resemble… without having to wait for the State Fair to arrive. Heating these properly is the key to perfection and I think I got it right 👩‍🍳😍 I achieved the crispy outside and the warm and creamy inside 👉🏻swipe….they are delicious! 💯 If anything, since the crust is thick I think a sprinkling of powdered sugar would have made these even better. This is the Vanilla Crunch, there’s also a Chocolate Crunch version. I was lucky to have found both so I’ll try them next- after I work these off my hips. PS I let them thaw out for a bit in the fridge ( totally against the instructions 🚫 👮🏻‍♂️) and slow baked them at 250 in the toaster oven just until I could smell them. What a great treat – Flavor of the Fair right in my kitchen… love them! 💯❤️ FOUND IN WALMART #Oreo #Oreos #oreostatefair #statefairoreos #mccain #mccainfoods #mccainfoodsusa #mondelez #mondelezinternational #flavorofthefair #oreocookies #oreovanillacrunch #vanillacrunch #junkfood #deepfriedoreos #statefair #walmart #markiedevo

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Not only are these ooey gooey chocolatey treats the essence of yum, but they’re super-easy to make. Forget about actually having to deep fry them. These way too tempting treats are microwavable.

—Erica Loop

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