Ahh, if only Luke Skywalker was your father. Well Mark Hamill has three IRL kiddos. Okay, so they’re less kids and more adults. But it still has to be pretty cool being the child of the actor who stars in one of the most iconic roles of American film history. Seriously.

As it turns out, Hamill’s kids aren’t just lucky to have Luke Skywalker as a dad. They actually got to join their father in his return to the Star Wars universe. Yep, all there of Hamill’s kids have cameos in The Last Jedi.

Hamill’s adult children, Griffin, Nathan and Chelsea, aren’t the only notable cameos in The Last Jedi. The latest installment of the Star Wars franchise is packed with celeb drop-ins. Along with the Hamill clan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and both Prince William and Prince Harry, all have cameos in the movie.

If you’re yet to see The Last Jedi, or just want to see it again (or more likely, your kids want to see it for the 100th time), you can look for Griffin, Nathan and Chelsea in the film. Hint: they’re Resistance Fighters.

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