Traveling with kids has so many amazing benefits, but it also means lugging around a lot of accessories including heavy car seats and boosters. But what if that restraint system was so small it could fit inside your pocket? The WhizRider is the smallest car seat ever created and here’s how you can get one.

Newly launched on IndieGoGo, WhizRider is the most compact child restraint system ever made. The system was designed by two dads to help families who love to travel and are on the go. WhizRider, which fits neatly inside a clip-on bag no bigger than the size of a cup of coffee, is a vest that allows kids to safely use a car’s restraint system. According to the company, the system exceeds all crash test U.S Federal Safety Standards.

The WhizRider isn’t just great for traveling, however. It’s the perfect solution when a babysitter or friend is picking up your kids and you don’t want pull your regular car seat in and out of your car. It works for kids ages three to ten (30 to 80 pounds) and can be put on and installed in just 20 seconds.

Available in two sizes, ages three and up and ages six and up, and two colors, pink and blue, the WhizRider is set to ship to IndieGoGo backers in October. You better act fast, if you want to score the new restraint system at a great price. In just one day the campaign has already exceeded it’s goal by 200 percent. If you order soon, you can still get a WhizRider for $54, which is 46 percent off the retail price of $100.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of WhizRider



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