photo: Whole Foods

Whole Foods is celebrating World Vegan Day! Duh. Of course they are. Isn’t every day kind of like World Vegan Day there? Okay, so they do serve up the meat, eggs and assorted dairy. But they’re also known for their veggie and vegan menu magnificence, too. Well, in honor of the day that’s actually dedicated to all things vegan (it’s officially November 1), the grocery retailer has an all-vegan menu for the holiday.

Whole Foods and Vedge restaurant are partnering for the launch of a completely vegan meal — including mustard-glazed cauliflower, “cheesy” rutabaga and potato mash, lentil-mushroom stuffing, sauerkraut-roasted rainbow carrots and a chocolate toffee mini cake. Yum!

The new vegan recipes were created by Philadelphia’s (obviously vegetarian-based) restaurant Vedge. Husband and wife chef partners Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby are the masterminds behind Vedge, and its menu of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredient-filled vegetable-based deliciousness.

The World Vegan Day menu will be available nationally in Whole Foods hot bars on…umm, November 1 (yes, that’s World Vegan Day). You can also place orders online from November 1-6. Oh, and you can even save yourself $5 by using Whole Foods’ special promo code VEGAN. That is, on online orders only.

Are you excited to try Whole Foods’ vegan holiday menu? Which item do you think will be the absolute yummiest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.